Does White Claw Expire? (Quick Answer)

White Claw hard seltzer comes in different flavors like watermelon, tangerine, natural lime, and ruby grapefruit. This malt beverage is quite popular and highly regarded, known for being light like fizzy beverages with alcohol strength comparable to a cold beer.

It is praised for its high quality, originality, and refreshing nature. While most people enjoy drinking it, they frequently inquire about whether it spoils or goes bad when kept.

Does White Claw Expire?

No, White Claw will not go bad if you leave it unopened. The date on the bottle is usually a sign of when the beverage was made. This date does not affect the drink in any way, although it may lose some of its appeal due to carbonation loss over time.

Alcohol is present in the drink, germs will not be able to get into it. As a result, unopened seltzer will continue to be safe to consume even if the container has been opened. Furthermore, due to its lack of contact with the environment, the sealed white claw hard seltzer would stay at its best if stored properly.

In short, White Claw is not like wine or other spirits that gets better with age.

How Do You Read the White Claw Expiration Code?

The surface of the Black Claw does not feature a conventional date format. Instead, it includes an expiration code that can assist you in determining the drink’s freshness.

This coding allows you to assess the beverage’s freshness. It displays the year and month of manufacture.

To check and read it under the cap, use a magnifying glass/lens if needed. The letters and numbers may appear too pixelated, so keeping your eyes relaxed is critical. You’ll need to figure out what it means after you’ve decoded the code.

The code on the bottle’s label can also be a useful tool for determining when your beverage was made. For example, if the code reads “A0119XXXX XX:XX FL,” it indicates that your container was brewed on January 1st 2019. The production facility’s FL stands for “Florida.”

Add one year to this date so you know how long the drink will last. In this scenario, on January 1st 2020, the beverage’s quality would start to deteriorate.

How Long Can Unopened White Claw Last?

White Claw does not go bad if it is left untouched. The alcohol in this drink helps to prevent bacterial growth. Consider how alcohol is employed in hand washing, laboratory preservation, and its antiseptic benefit on injuries to have a better idea of how it works.

The flavor and color of unopened White Claw are supposed to endure for many years without fading. The only disadvantage is that after nine months, the carbon dioxide may seep out via the seal gradually and cause the flavor and color to change. As a result, unlike wine, White Claw does not mature.

How Long Does White Claw Last After Opening It?

The reseal period is usually two to four days. Your beverage will continue to taste wonderful after four days since opening it. After this time, the quality of your drink will begin to deteriorate. The seal will be less robust, allowing oxidation to take place more quickly, which might result in your drink becoming flat later on.

How Should I Store White Claw?

The general rule for malt beverages is that they should not be refrigerated, re-refrigerated, or subjected to high heat and then re-frozen.

If you don’t refrigerate White Claw, it won’t go bad. You can chill one or two from the dozen pack and refill as needed. It’s fantastic to drink after being refrigerated. This is, however, determined by your personal preference.

It’s crucial to refrigerate this drink if you buy it when it’s already cold. When you let it warm up back to room temperature and then try to chill it again, the taste and quality will alter.

What Happens If You Drink Expired White Claw?

If your White Claw has been open for a year or more, you might only have to deal with its more muted flavor. In the worst-case scenario, you risk a severe hangover the next day. You could also get a stomach ache as a result of this. As a result, it is recommended that you consume alcohol within the advised date.

Can You Get Sick From Expired White Claw?

An expired white claw won’t make you sick since it will simply be alcoholic flat soda water. As a result, the only disadvantage of outdated white claws is their decreased flavor. However, consumption may occasionally cause an upset stomach and/or a particularly awful hangover, depending on the residual alcohol content in particular beverages.

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