How to Clean a Griddle (Step by step Guide)

Metal griddles are powerful tools for cooking anything that benefits from a broad, flat heat source. They assist in the usage of your burner and oven while also providing an even cooking surface for searing.

Pancakes, grilled sandwiches, pork chops, and steaks are among the most popular dishes cooked on our griddle. A griddle, on the other hand, may also be used to prepare hash browns, fried eggs, sausages and more.

Whether you own a griddle but don’t use it, or if you’re considering buying a new one, I’d like to explain how I clean mine. It’s actually quite simple, and if you have an old one, you can keep a griddle looking brand new for years.

How to clean a griddle?

A flat-edged metal spatula and some paper towels are all you’ll need, plus a bit of water to clean your filthy griddle.

While your griddle is still hot, make sure to clean it. To make cleaning much easier, don’t allow greasy and dirty food stuff to cool and harden onto the metal surface.

Step 1. While the griddle is still hot, use a flat metal spatula to scrape off any excess debris. Make sure the flat edge of the spatula is flat against the surface; don’t scratch it. Scrape back and forth with a straight-edged utensil. After that, scoop all of the crumbs into your catch-tray.

Step 2. Pour water or water with a few drops of dish soap over the griddle surface. Remember to pour the water while the griddle is still hot. Allow the liquid to boil up to loosen the grease.

Spray them with hot water if there are stuck-on food particles in the griddle. Then scrape the dirt off. 

Step 3. Place a folded-up paper towel on the wet griddle. Scrub back and forth across the paper towel with the flat metal spatula to remove the dirty water and debris. Then repeat the second step and third step if needed.

Then allow the surface to be free of suds and using a dry clean dry towel, carefully dry the griddle. Let the surface air-dry thoroughly. Make sure there is no residual moisture on the unit as any moisture left can cause rust build up.

Step 4. Wash in the sink the catch-tray and let it dry.

Step 5. Season your dry griddle with oil. Then be sure to put it in a cool dry place.

How often should you clean a griddle?

Cleaning and treating a new griddle, as well as any other griddle, before using it for the first time will remove any dust, dirt, or residue that may remain from the manufacturing process. After each use, it’s critical to clean and season it properly.

How to clean a rusty griddle?

If your griddle is rusty then worry no more. It’s going to take lots of elbow grease though to remove the rust and restore its condition.

Step 1. You need to get your rusty griddle really hot before you begin working, so you need to turn it to high heat. The griddle needs to stay hot during the cleaning time.

Step 2. Use a metal scraper to remove the rust from your hot griddle. Don’t add water while scraping and make sure not to miss any part of the corroded surface.

Step 3. Remove all of the loosened rust from the surface by using a scraper or a paper towel. Then allow your griddle to cool down. Once your griddle is completely cool, check if there’s remaining dirt or rust then towel dry if there is any.

Step 4. Pour five tablespoons of vegetable oil over the surface of the griddle and scrub it with a non-metallic scrubbing brush or pumice stone. Then wipe the surface with a clean towel.

Add more oil and scrub it off if you notice leftover rust. Remember to add more oil if you scrub it. 

Step 5. Season the griddle with oil once all of the rust is gone. Then store it in a cool dry place.

Is it hard to take care of a griddle?

No, taking care of the griddle is just like a walk in the park. It just needs a little bit of maintenance just like any other cooking equipment. 

You just need not to forget to season it after cleaning. Most importantly, you need to store it in a cool dry place, so you don’t have to clean and season it again.

How should I store my griddle?

You need to store your griddle in a cool dry place to avoid rust. The griddle can be placed in a closet, but don’t put any objects over your unit. If you prefer to place it in a garage, then you better check it time to time to remove any dirt and dust.

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