King Disc Grill Vs FireDisc

You are not an American unless you have had a backyard barbecue in your home during the summer. It is one of the favorite summer pastimes and a rite of passage as an American. Of course, if you want to have a barbecue, you will need the best cooking solution. 

Over time, there has been an introduction of many disc and grill cookers. Two of them include King Disc Grill and FireDisc. So, if you want to choose between these two, you are in the right place. 

Here is a complete guide to King Disc Grill vs FireDisc. 

King Disc Grill Vs FireDisc: What Are These Brands?

King Disc Grill is from Houston, and two brothers own this brand who started with coolers and then branched out to grill cookers. The company aims to offer affordable products that offer excellent quality. So, you can easily find a grill cooker in your budget. 

FireDisc is also from Houston, and two brothers also own this brand. Their primary aim was to offer high-quality portable cookers so that you can cook anywhere and at any time. The company targets high-end customers that need portable and sturdy cookers. 

What Are The Specifications Of The King Disc Grill?

If you want to purchase the King Disc Grill, you must understand its various specifications. Here are some specifications that are important to understand:

RTIC 22" King Disc Grill, Portable Propane Cooker for Outdoors, Heavy Duty Non-Ceramic Premium Carbon Steel

  • 36-inch height 
  • 22-inch diameter cooking disc 
  • It is made from non-ceramic premium carbon steel with a premium powder-coated finish 
  • It operated with a standard propane canister of 16.4 oz
  • Low-pressure regulator 
  • Three separate temperature zones 
  • Adjustable feet 
  • Two-piece design 
  • And much more

All of these specifications are there to make your life easier as you use the King Disc Grill. For example, the adjustable feet will allow you to adjust the grill to any uneven surface. Besides that, the temperature zones will allow you to keep the food warm. 

Finally, the coating and finish offer maximum heat resistance to the user. So, if you want to benefit from these features, you can opt for the King Disc Grill. 

What Are The Specifications Of FireDisc?

The FireDisc has almost the same specifications as the King Disc Grill, but it comes with a compact version of 24inches. Here are some other specifications you must know:

Original FIREDISC 24" Short Outdoor Portable Propane Cooker | Red

  • It is made from heavy carbon steel 
  • Single-piece burner 
  • Two-piece interlocking stand 
  • It can hold five gallons of liquid or food 
  • Rim at the disc edge to prevent food from falling 

These are the most important specifications you must know about the King Disc Grill vs FireDisc. The specifications are more or less the same with minor differences that we have told you. You can also use the FireDisc with a 16.4 oz gas canister and a 20lb LP tank. 

How Do You Maintain The King Disc Grill And FireDisc?

Maintenance is an important factor to consider because it requires time and effort. Cleaning the FireDisc is a simple process as you can wipe it off with a wet paper towel or cloth after using it. You can also add a light oil coating to pack it all away. 

You can clean the King Disc Grill in the same way. However, many users also add some water to the surface while the grill is still hot to ensure cleanliness. Just make sure that both your grills cool down before you decide to move them to the storage. 

What Is The Price Of King Disc Grill And FireDisc?

The price of the King Disc Grill on sale on their website is $299.99. However, the regular price is $429.99. If you want to grab this opportunity, you can opt for the King Disc Grill. 

On the other hand, FireDisc retails for around $400 on most websites. Of course, the FireDisc is a cheaper option at the standard price. However, at this time, the King Disc Grill sale is something you can opt for if you want to save your money. 

King Disc Grill Vs FireDisc: Which Is Better For You?

There is no right answer as to which grill is better. That is because the grill that is better for you will depend on your budget, preferences, and many other factors. You will have to weigh them all before you decide which grill to opt for. 

The best way you can make a decision is to look at the reviews of users and ask family and friends what they use. Doing this will give you a better idea of the grill you must opt for. 

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