What is Clean Cut Pizza?

A clean cut doesn’t imply that your pizza has a tidy haircut, tucked-in shirt, and a trim beard. It simply implies the cook will utilize a clean cutter to slice your pizza rather than the same one (which is typical of a pizzeria).

If you’ve never heard the phrase clean-cut pizza, you’ve come to the right place. This article explains what clean-cut pizza is and whether or not you should order it the next time you buy a pizza.

What Is clean cut pizza?

When you get a clean cut pizza, you’re entitled to expect that the cook who takes your pie out of the oven will use a clean cutter to cut it.

A commercial pizza oven takes around 12 minutes to cook a pizza. Unless your pizza is baked in a brick oven, it travels on a conveyor. Your pizza is drawn into the oven at one end and carried on a brief trip across the room. The cheese has stretched and softened by the time it reaches the other side, and the sauce begins to bubble.

With an enormous wooden paddle called a peel, the chef removes the pizza from the oven, places it in a box or tray, and cuts it with a rotary blade. They can also use a rocker blade to slice it. It will be used on the following pizza baked in the same oven.

Why would you want clean cut pizza?

There’s nothing wrong with using the same pizza cutter on numerous pizzas even with a 14-inch pizza. Everything will be fine and delicious as long as the restaurant adheres to health standards.

That said, not everyone should follow the many-cutting approach. Here are two excellent reasons to choose a clean-cut pizza over one that has been sliced in numerous places.

Religious/Personal Beliefs

In some parts of the world, certain religions prohibit the consumption of meat. Many people abstain from meat or dairy for personal reasons or convictions. However, you won’t want to have your pizza cut with the same cutter that sliced the meat supreme pie.


If you have a severe allergy to any of the pizza ingredients, you should demand a clean-cut pizza. While none of these items will be chopped up and transferred to your pizza, there may be tiny particles that slip in.

What’s the difference between normal cut and clean-cut?

It’s pretty straightforward. A regular-cut pizza will be sliced with the same pizza cutter that was used on the previous 50 pizzas in normal slices. The size of the slice will be determined by the diameter of the pizza. Clean-cut uses a clean and fresh pizza cutter to cut pizzas in much the same way as before.

Why is pizza cut in triangles?

It isn’t significant. It’s simply the most efficient method of cutting a round object into pieces.

What is a Chicago cut pizza?

A thin and firm crust is typical of a Chicago pizza (more often known as a Chicago-style pizza). When you bite into a Chicago pie, you’ll get a distinct crunch. They’re frequently sliced into squares, which are also known as tavern cuts or party cuts.

Why have customers started requesting clean cut pizza?

There are a few reasons why some consumers would want to take an additional step with their pizza order. In most situations, it is a question of personal taste. However, in certain situations, transferring food from one pizza to another may be quite detrimental to one’s health.

Cleanliness is a big concern these days. Hand washing and sanitizing are at an all-time high, according to polls. To ensure that their businesses are safe destinations to visit, stores and other public places have implemented measures.

A clean cut pizza is yet another safeguard a business may use to keep germs from traveling. Nobody wants to get ill from their beloved slice of pizza, after all.

Oven temperatures that are high enough to cook a pizza are also hot enough to destroy the most dangerous germs. Your pizza may be safe to eat as long as the restaurant maintains health standards. However, it’s always a good idea to take an extra step of caution.

People who don’t have a food allergy might have religious beliefs that prevent certain meals from appearing on their pizzas. Meat is forbidden in many religions, as are specific types of meat. This is an essential element of many spiritual traditions across the world.

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