What is a Half Sheet Cake?

A half sheet cake is a standard-sized cake that has been split down the center. You’ve probably had one at a celebration before if you’ve ever visited a bakery. 

It’s a popular choice for birthdays, graduations and baby showers. They may be exceptionally adorned with bespoke text to commemorate special events because they are usually blank in the center for creativity.

Bakeries and supermarkets generally offer half sheet cakes in special order. Some businesses will even have pre-made cakes available to purchase that you can customize with your own words.

You should know what exactly the size of the half sheet cake is before ordering so that you know how much cake you’ll have after delivery.

What is a half sheet cake?

A half sheet cake, also known as a 1/2 sheet cake, is a large rectangular-shaped cake that may be served at a party or wherever there are gatherings. Because of the many pan options accessible, half sheet cakes come in various sizes. A bakery’s half sheet cake is usually larger and more filling than a homemade sheet.

A half sheet cake is the result of cutting a full-sized sheet cake in half. You may make a half sheet cake with a half sheet cake pan or cut in half the full-size sheet.

Cake Board White Half Sheet 19"L x 14"W 50 Per Case

How big is a half sheet cake size?

Depending on where you buy it from, a half sheet cake can range in size. A bakery will often produce a half sheet cake that is 15 inches by 11 inches, 15 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches, or even 16 inches by 12 inches wide. Because home ovens are generally smaller than bakery or grocery shop ovens, a 13-inchx9-inch home half sheet cake is quite typical.

A double layer half sheet cake will serve between 18 and 40 people, depending on how you cut it. A double layer half sheet cake allows you to pick up larger pieces, making it a better choice if you are catering for a larger number of guests.

What are the benefits of half sheet cake?

The sheet cake is a big hit to the crowd. They’re easier to cut and distribute out than other cakes, making them ideal for parties with a lot of guests. The flat top provides plenty of space to decorate and personalize the message.

Large birthday parties might not be able to afford elaborate cakes, therefore a half sheet cake is an excellent alternative. They’re also rather simple to produce, making them one of the more affordable cake alternatives for big groups.

How to decorate a half sheet cake?

The majority of buttercream frosting or ganache is used to decorate one-layer cakes. You may quickly achieve a smooth-frosted appearance by evenly spreading your icing on all five sides of the cake.

After you’ve covered all sides of the cake with icing, put the remaining icing to your finished product for a decorative border. You may accomplish this by piping along the cake’s edges with a 1M star or 6B french star tip.

How to store a half sheet cake?

You may keep an unfrosted half sheet cake by wrapping it in plastic wrap and freeze it. A frosted half sheet cake with no fresh ingredients can last up to four days at room temperature if properly covered in a bowl or packaging that prevents dust or other particles from getting to it.

If you’re freezing a frosted half sheet cake, leave it in the fridge for 15 minutes before wrapping it and freezing it. If you’re using a wrap and foil tip on top, cover it in at least two layers of wax paper or parchment paper. This will assist the icing harden and be less easily destroyed during wrapping.

Freezing or wrapping it in plastic wrap or foil can keep the cake from drying out. A frozen sheet cake can last up to a year in the freezer. You may also store your cake in the refrigerator, but it will dry out quickly.

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How do you cut a half sheet cake?

Cake cutting is a little more complicated than other types of food preparation; therefore, you’ll need to spend some time understanding the intricacies. To ensure that everyone has enough cake, I recommend cutting it into equal slices before serving so that each person gets a cake.

After each cut, have a clean hot cloth on the side and use it to wipe down your knife to get a neat and tidy cut.

How many boxes of cake mix do I need for a half sheet cake?

To make a single-layer half sheet cake, you will need three boxes of cake mix.

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