Can I Use My Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

Propane griddles are not for indoor use, which is why they must only be used outdoors. That is true for a Blackstone Griddle, which is a propane griddle. We know summer is here and you want to cook delicious food with your family. 

However, it is important to know where to use certain equipment. After all, you don’t want to risk the health and safety of your family. So, here is everything you must know about using the Blackstone griddle indoors. 

Can I Use My Blackstone Griddle Indoors?

The Blackstone Griddle is not designed for commercial or indoor use, as stated by the company. That is because they design and sell propane grills, which are ideal for use outdoors. These include outdoor areas, such as a balcony, porch, patio, etc. 

The reason for this is that propane will prove to be risky indoors. That is especially true if the ventilation inside your house is poor. The griddle can produce a lot of smoke and carbon monoxide, which are harmful if the limits are excessive. 

So, it is important that you follow the instructions and use the Blackstone griddle outdoors. Once you do, it will give you use for a long time. 

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Can I Use My Blackstone Griddle In My Garage?

If you don’t have any space in your home outdoors, you can use the Blackstone griddle in your garage. However, you must ensure that there is lots of space and ventilation in the garage. Of course, you can’t use the Blackstone propane griddle inside the space with poor ventilation. 

However, if you don’t have an outdoor space, then your safest bet is to opt for the electric griddle from Blackstone. Once you do, you can safely use it indoors without compromising the health and safety of your family members. 

Can I Use My Blackstone Griddle On The Porch?

If you don’t have a garage, you can consider the porch to use your Blackstone griddle. However, according to the company, you must keep your griddle at least ten feet away from any structure or flammable material. Because of this reason, the porch is also not an ideal option as it is the structure of the property. 

However, there are people that use an outdoor griddle on the porch. The key is to have great airflow so that there is no smoke or anything else on your porch. Just be sure to keep it away from the structure as that can lead to a fire in no time. 

Are Blackstone Griddles Safe?

As long as you follow the right instructions, the Blackstone griddles are safe to use. The key is that you should not use the griddle at least less than thirty-six inches from a flammable object. That includes ceilings, walls, trees, fencing, and much more. 

The right precautions are crucial to take if you are using a griddle in your home. Once you do, it will minimize the chances of any problems, and you will safely cook all your food in no time. 

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How Do You Store A Blackstone Griddle For Winter?

If you are done using the Blackstone griddle, and you want to store it away, then you must follow the right instructions. For example, the best places you can store the Blackstone griddle is somewhere dry and cool. Of course, that will also include spaces in your house, such as a garden shed or a garage. 

When you store the griddle like this, it will stay safe from all the weather elements. Besides that, the griddle is also less likely to come into contact with moisture. After all, whenever moisture develops, it is a sign that rust will soon begin. 

Can You Use Butter On A Blackstone Griddle?

Many people use different foods to flavor the griddle and add color to the food. Butter is also an excellent choice, and you can use it on your Blackstone griddle as it is ideal for cooking on a flat top grill. However, if you want your Blackstone griddle to last a long time, then butter is not the ideal choice. 

That is because butter is not an ideal food you can use to season your griddle when cooking food. If you use butter for a long time, the Blackstone griddle will lose its non-stick surface. That is why it is crucial for you to use the right ingredients that will protect the griddle surface and ensure that it lasts a long time to come so you can enjoy many meals with families. 

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