Where To Get Food At Wells Fargo Center

If you attend Flyers and Sixers games at Wells Fargo Center frequently, you must know that there are multiple food options at the venue. Of course, choosing from the restaurants can be tricky if you don’t try new places often. That is where this guide will help you.

Knowing the Wells Fargo Center food options will help you enjoy great meals before, after, and during the games. The best part is that the venue has kid-friendly options.

Best Places To Get Food At Wells Fargo Center 

So here are the top six restaurants you can try at Wells Fargo Center.

  1. Omori Ramen Bar

If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine, Omori Ramen Bar will satisfy all your cravings. The restaurant offers multiple dishes to help you enjoy flexibility while ordering. You can choose the chashu pulled pork bowl if you prefer sweet soy-flavored ramen.

Meanwhile, the curry chicken katsu bowl is for those who love some spices and authentic curry broth. A mushroom miso bowl is also available for a light flavor that is low on spices. These dishes are a fan favorite during the winter season.

  1. Shore Treats

Some people love to have a proper meal during sports games while others prefer snacks. You may also be one of those who like getting sweet items to enjoy during the game. If so, Shore Treats will meet all your needs. It has an array of desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The stand is a tribute to different staple items you will encounter on Jersey Shore. You can buy fresh funnel cakes with appealing toppings to sweeten your taste buds. Dippin Dots, cotton candy, roasted nuts, assorted chocolates, and corn dogs are other items you can get from Shore Treats.

  1. Delco Steaks

In 2021, Delco Steaks won the “Best in Philly” award for its delicious offerings. Many people love the meat offerings of this restaurant because of the good quantity and taste. This is why Delco Steaks have recently opened in Wells Fargo Center.

They offer multiple options from their cheesesteak category at the arena to fill your belly. The best part is that you will not have to pay a high sum to get the food. Multiple drink options are also available throughout the venue that suits the sandwiches and cheesesteaks offered by this place.

  1. Cuz’s Pizza

Lorenzo’s was a fan-favorite pizza place at the Wells Fargo Center. However, the restaurant closed down in the arena some time ago. You may have been disappointed about the closure because Lorenzo’s offered great flavors. Luckily, a replacement has already opened at the venue to enjoy delicious pizza.

Cuz’s Pizza takes the restaurant game to the next level through a new and improvised concept for jumbo slices. You can choose from multiple flavors to satisfy your cheese cravings at Wells Fargo Center. Some basic options include plain pizza, pepperoni pizza, and buffalo chicken pizza. Special flavors are also available to offer more flexibility.

  1. Melissa’s Produce

Finding vegan-friendly food options at event venues is relatively tricky because most places offer meat flavors. You will encounter burgers, steaks, and loaded fries with chicken. The worst part is that you cannot bring food with you as per the Center rules. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about vegan food at this venue.

Melissa’s Produce is a growing venture designed to help vegans enjoy great food options during their favorite game. You can buy customized salads to get your daily dose of green vegetables. The stand also offers grain bowls for high fiber and protein diets. Gluten-free options are also available, and some special items rotate monthly.

  1. Chickie’s And Pete’s

Chickie’s And Pete’s have been operating at the Wells Fargo Center for many years. This is why you will encounter a huge crowd at their stations, especially during the seasonal championships. Their crab fries bucket is the favorite item of many visitors because of the high quantity. It is affordable for most visitors, and kids also love it.

One bucket can easily fill your stomach without any refills or a second purchase during the game. The fries are made fresh at the venue and served to you piping hot. So trying out this restaurant is essential if you haven’t already. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about food quality and safety.

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