Can You Eat Cabbage Raw?

Cabbage is delicious and healthy. It can be added to a wide variety of dishes like slaws, stews, salads and soups. Aside from being healthy, this veggie can even be fermented. 

Moreover, this versatile veggie is affordable.

Cabbage grows in places with the temperature between 45° and 75°F.  It takes about 70 days for them to mature. They come in different sizes and colors. 

The leaves of cabbage have different textures. They can either be crinkled or smooth. You can boil cabbage or sauté them to your preferences.

But many people are still wondering if it is safe to eat raw cabbage? 

Can you eat cabbage raw?

Yes, eating raw cabbage is safe. However, it is still better to cook them first. Cabbage contains sugar that is difficult to digest. Eating raw cabbage may lead to a number of gastronomical problems in the long run.

Aside from that, cabbage is hard to digest because it is high in fiber. It can cause bloating which may cause abdominal discomfort. With that said, it will be easier for your stomach to digest if you cook them instead of eating raw.

Also eating more than the required amount of food and nutrients can be harmful to your body. For this reason, it is better to eat cabbage in moderation. It is worth noting that this type of vegetable is high in vitamins and nutrients but low in calories.

If you are planning to add it to your juice, keep it moderate. Drinking too much juice with cabbage can affect your thyroid. Cabbages contain goitrogens which can affect how your thyroids function.

What is the nutritional value of raw cabbage?

Raw cabbages are rich in folate, magnesium, fiber, potassium, vitamin A and K that are essential to the body. A cup of raw cabbage is pack of nutrients which your body needs.

Moreover, cabbages are high in fiber and have antioxidants. These antioxidants protect your body against harmful free radicals. It is also rich in Vitamin B6, enhancing the function of your nervous system and increasing your energy.

How can you prepare raw cabbages?

First, remove the outer leaves of the cabbage as worms could be inside. Then remove any dirt by washing it under the running water. Cut your cabbage into your preferred sizes.

You can shred your cabbage into small sizes if you want to add it to your salad. Cook it for about 6 minutes by boiling, steaming or stir fry. Just don’t overcook it so the flavor and nutrients stay intact.

You can also add the cabbage to your juice, if you are on a juice diet. As said earlier, cabbage is loaded with nutrients so adding this to your juice is a good one. It can aid in weight loss and maintain your glow.

Cabbage can somehow produce an unpleasant taste to your juice. So to remove the bitterness, you better add other vegetables like carrots or fruits.

What is the healthiest way to eat cabbage?

Sauté is a method that allows for concentrated nutrient retention and provides the greatest flavor for your cabbage. The method is fast and easy too.

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