Does A Blackstone Griddle Come With A Lid?

If you want to buy a Blackstone griddle, you might be wondering whether they come with a lid. Fortunately, some of the griddles will come with a lid, while other models will not. That is why you will have to check the model and see if it includes a lid. 

So, if you are wondering whether the Blackstone griddle comes with a lid, you are in the right place. Here is everything you must know about it. 

Does A Blackstone Griddle Come With A Lid?

Some of the Blackstone griddles come with a lid while others don’t, as it depends on the model. If the griddle does not come with a lid, then you can find a custom one that will easily fit it in no time. Besides that, you can also use other ways to cover the griddle without a lid. 

Doing this will ensure that no outdoor elements harm your griddle. After all, the weather and moisture can wreak havoc on your griddle. That is why protection is the most important thing. 

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Why Does My Blackstone Griddle Need A Lid?

There are many reasons that your Blackstone griddle will require a lid. These include:

1. Weather Protection

If you want to protect your griddle against the weather, you will need to opt for a lid. Even if it is windy outdoors when you are cooking, the lid can act as a barrier against the and protect the griddle and food. Besides that, if an unexpected drizzle starts during your backyard barbecue, then you will require a lid to protect the food from the weather. 

2. Rust Protection 

Rust is the biggest enemy of any griddle, which is why you must protect your Blackstone griddle against rust with a lid. Rust will occur on the griddle when the oxygen in the water or moisture mixes with the iron in the metal. A lid will keep water and rain away while ensuring that there is no moisture buildup inside the griddle. 

3. Rodent Protection

If your Blackstone griddle is in the storage room all winter, then you will need to protect it from any rodents. That is why a lid will protect any such animal from coming on the flat top on the grill where you cook your food. Despite the lid, you must always clean the griddle before you begin using it after a long time. 

4. Temperature And Heat Control 

Another reason why your Blackstone griddle needs a lid is that it offers temperature and heat control while cooking. The lid will ensure that the temperature level remains constant, and you get delicious food that is cooked evenly on all fronts. So, if you want to control heat and temperature for cooking food evenly, don’t forget to opt for a lid for your Blackstone griddle. 

What Blackstone Griddles Come With A Lid?

By now, you might be wondering about the various Blackstone griddles that come with a lid. These include:

  • 17-Inch Tabletop Air Fryer Griddle Combination 
  • Blackstone 28-Inch 
  • Blackstone E-Series
  • Adventure-Ready 17-Inch with Hood and Side Burner 
  • And many others 

You can select from any of these Blackstone griddles if it suits your cooking needs. All of them come with a hood and will last you a long time to come. If you want to opt for another model, you can get a custom lid. 

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What Are The Alternatives To Using A Griddle Lid?

If your Blackstone griddle does not come with a lid, there are various alternatives you can opt for. For example, you can use a stovepipe or cooktop chimney if you don’t have a lid. If these methods don’t work, then you will have to install an exhaust fan inside the griddle and then vent it outdoors. 

There are also different brands that create alternatives to griddle lids. You can check out these brands and their products for the best results. Once you do, you can protect your Blackstone griddle for a long time. 

What Are The Basic Blackstone Griddle Accessories I Should Invest In?

Besides the lid, you need to invest in other griddle accessories that will make cooking easier. These include nonstick cooking spray, wooden spoon, metal spatula, griddle lid lifter, griddle cleaner, heat-resistant mitts, nonstick spatula, metal scraper, griddle thermometer, and more. No matter which accessories you buy it is going to be a good investment for you and it will make your cooking experience easier. 

Having these accessories will guarantee that you cook delicious food while taking care of your griddle in the best way possible. The Blackstone griddle will be ideal for you as you take these measures. 

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