Where To Get Food At Little Caesars Arena

Little Caesars Arena is a famous venue for seasonal ice hockey championships and basketball games. The place may be closer to your home, so you may attend the events frequently. This is why understanding the food places at this venue will be helpful.

Best Places To Get Food At Little Caesars Arena

The Arena has multiple food options to accommodate all people during different events. Here are the top six places you can try there to satisfy your cravings and hunger.

  1. Mike’s Pizza Bar

Mike’s Pizza Bar is one of the oldest restaurants inside the Little Caesars Arena. It offers multiple special dishes to ensure you enjoy a good time during the game. The best part is that the prices are reasonable and you can enjoy good food without breaking your bank. You can also easily get items before your game starts if you visit the restaurant early.

The items on the menu are vast and include pizza, pies, wings, sandwiches, and much more. You can also enjoy excellent beverage options such as draft brews and chilled soda. The top feature of this restaurant is that it has kid-friendly flavors, so you will not have to worry about spices and get food from a different place for your child.

  1. Sports & Social Detroit

This restaurant also serves as a social lounge at Little Caesars Arena. The best part is that it has a multi-screen media wall to enjoy your time. You will also encounter multiple food options to fill your belly after a game. The best part is that the serving quantity is ample, so you can easily share your plate with your partner. 

This is suitable if you’re on a tight budget but want to enjoy food at the Arena. Another great thing about the social lounge is that you will come across a well-developed menu of cocktails. The chilled drinks can help you beat the summer heat and reduce stress while watching the game. This restaurant is also open throughout the year if you want to try it another day.

  1. District Market

District Market does not contain one but multiple eateries to help you enjoy delicious food at the games. You can explore the coffee spots in the food hall if you prefer to have caffeinated beverages during the game. The year-round Market also has a bar to enjoy alcoholic drinks and multiple cocktails. So it is a good place to hit with your buddies after the game.

You can also get Detroit-style pizza from the place and immerse yourself in the local vibes. District Market may have an industrial ambiance, but it offers good food for a lower price. This is why it is reasonable to visit if you’re a large family or on a tight budget.

  1. Sausage Haus

Some people love loaded fries with chicken, while others prefer sausages and corn dogs. If the latter is your preference, Sausage Haus is an excellent place you can try. The restaurant also offers good dessert options to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can also get snacks such as a Bavarian Pretzel from Sausage Haus.

Of course, the restaurant’s specialty is sausages, and they excel at cooking them. This is why it is better to visit the place after your game finishes. It can serve as a good location to celebrate your team’s win. You will also find the place and food comforting if your team loses the game.

  1. The Mixing Board

The Mixing Board is a lively restaurant with good music and a comforting ambiance. You can enjoy various dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients. The best part is that you will encounter vegan options at this restaurant.

You must remember that this place opened recently inside the Little Caesars Arena. So it is a good option to try if you have consumed food from other restaurants at the venue.

  1. Concession Stands

Besides the earlier restaurants, you will also encounter multiple concession stands. Some sell grilled cheese sandwiches, while others have fried items such as loaded fries. You can also purchase corn dogs and other snacks from the various stands located throughout the Little Caesars Arena.

However, some stands may be more expensive than the on-site restaurants. So you should consider your budget before deciding on a place. The concession stands are also more crowded during events than the restaurants.

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