How Long Do Cupcakes Last?

Have you bought or baked a lot of cupcakes and are unsure how many days they will stay fresh? What is the shelf life of cupcakes, exactly?

You might also be concerned about whether or not you should store your cupcakes in the cooling drawer. Many publications say to keep them on the counter, but that doesn’t seem correct for buttercream-topped cakes.

This article will tell you how long your cupcakes will stay fresh for. Cupcake storage is straightforward, but there are a few factors to consider.

How Long Do Cupcakes Last?

Depending on the type, cupcakes last for two to seven days after being made. Cupcakes with a lot of decoration or those that have been filled or frosted with eggs or dairy keep for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator.

Nonetheless, each storage choice has its own set of rules and guidelines, so understanding how to store in these areas is critical.

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Room Temperature

Cupcakes should be kept at room temperature if possible. Because they will remain their freshest that way.

Cupcakes (frosted and unfrosted) can stay at room temperature for up to three days if properly stored. However, not every setting is suitable for cupcakes kept at room temperature.

Cupcakes should be kept in an airtight container to keep them fresh while storing. It’s preferable not to stack the cupcakes, since the frosting isn’t as durable.

If you don’t have any airtight containers, plastic wrap or aluminum foil will work as well. The goal is to keep moisture and air away from the cupcakes, which might cause them to dry out more quickly.


While the refrigerator may not be the “ideal” location for cupcake storage, it is in many cases necessary, such as with cream cheese frosting on cupcakes or a fruit-filled masterpiece. These cupcakes need to be refrigerated as they deteriorate rapidly at room temperature.

Another advantage of utilizing the refrigerator is that cupcakes may stay in there for up to a week, providing you additional time to enjoy them.

It’s also critical to keep them in an airtight container while they’re stored in the refrigerator. You could get stuck with the unpleasant taste of overstored baked items if you don’t store them correctly in the fridge.


When it comes to keeping cupcakes in the freezer, the ideal time is within six months. After that, they begin to deteriorate somewhat.

Simply leave it on the counter for around 15 to 20 minutes, and it should be defrosted enough to eat once more when it’s time to eat your precious baked good.

Cupcakes that are frosted or not may be frozen rapidly. Fresh frosting and toppings, on the other hand, might produce better results. This will simply guarantee that your cupcake treat is at its peak performance.

How to Tell if Cupcakes Have Gone Bad?

There are a few signs that your cupcakes have spoiled: The texture has become extremely dry and hard, or the components are wet and slimy (typically seen with fruity fillings). Mold is sometimes present.

To put it another way, whether or not your cupcakes are still fresh depends on your senses. Any indication of mold, and the cupcakes should be discarded to avoid a health risk.

The quality of cupcakes may go unnoticed for days, weeks, or even months until something goes wrong with them. You must examine the cakes just before serving and remove any defects before putting them out.

Should I Refrigerate Cupcakes Before Frosting?

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Cupcakes do not have to be kept refrigerated before being covered in icing. However, if you’re going to frost with whipped cream or cream cheese icing and don’t need the cupcakes until several days later, it’s probably best to store them without the ice cream on top.

How Long Do Cupcakes Last on the Counter?

Cupcakes will keep for a few days on the countertop. Of course, they must be kept correctly. An airtight container is ideal, but even wrapping in foil or plastic wrap is acceptable. Cupcakes with whipped cream, cream cheese, custard, or fruit must be refrigerated if any of these ingredients are used.

How Long Do Frosted Cupcakes Last?

It all depends on the cupcake, but their shelf life is about the same. Unless you’re using whipped cream, cream cheese, or fruit toppings, frosted cupcakes can last up to three days on the counter. They may also be kept in the refrigerator or frozen for as long as they are properly sealed.

Do Homemade Cupcakes Need to Be Refrigerated?

The ingredients that go into the cupcakes will determine whether they need to be refrigerated or not. You may either keep your cupcakes on the countertop if you use a dairy, custard, or fruit ingredient. They can otherwise be placed on the table.

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