What Does Soju Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

This beloved beverage is not to be missed among alcohol fans. Even if you’re not a fan of Korean dramas, you’ve undoubtedly heard of soju.

While, of course, no Korean drama is complete without the characters downing soju, it raises the question – what exactly does soju taste like?

Soju is a well-known alcoholic beverage across the world. When people eat pork bellies, grilled beef with their friends, they enjoy soju. As it happens, soju is primarily produced for this purpose.

If you consume it in moderation, it will provide enthusiasts and, as a result, improve the taste of your meat.

What Does Soju Taste Like?

Soju is sweet vodka, and it has a flavor similar to that of vodka. Soju is always on the sweeter side of spirits. People enjoy flavoring soju, and there are several unique tastes available. When you down a shot of soju, you’ll get a subtle little jolt in your throat.

When properly produced, soju may have a delicious taste. However, low-quality soju can have a petrol odor and flavor as a result of an unsanitary manufacturing process.

What is Soju?

The most typical type of soju is prepared from barley, wheat, and rice, similar to Japanese sake. It’s a clear liquor with very little alcohol content. The purity process increases the amount of alcohol in it slightly.

Soju can also be made with tapioca and sweet potatoes. Because people were prohibited from growing rice to make alcoholic beverages in the ancient days, this method was first discovered.

How to Drink Soju?

Spirits and food, on the other hand, are a dangerous combination. However, soju should be enjoyed with food, even though it is risky. Food and soju have several advantages; they may be used to tone down piquant tastes. In dishes with umami flavor, a shot of soju might assist you in bringing out the richness.

This spirit is commonly consumed in South Korea, where it’s often served with traditional street cuisine such as samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly), tteokbokki, street food made of ground pork trotter and broth, and anything containing kimchi.

Soju has scores of customs associated with it. It’s a social drink for special occasions. You should never pour your soju on such occasions. The oldest member of the group will go first.

You must accept the shot with your face averted from the server to avoid making eye contact. You must accept the shot with two hands, not one. Then you take it and chug it down at once.

What is the Origin of Soju? 

Soju is a clear, colorless beverage with a smoky taste that comes from fermenting and distilling alcoholic beverages. The name alludes to the fact that it is produced via high-temperature distillation. Soju can be made from rice or other starchy stuff like potatoes and tapioca.

Soju has been manufactured since the 1300s. Historians think that the Mongols brought Korean distilling techniques to the country. The Mongols introduced arak distillation to Korea while they attempted to conquer the globe, using the Persian method.

Soju became popular, and it remained so for millennia. Japanese sake and beer began to grow in popularity in the 1900s, as soju production was restricted.

The government of South Korea banned the use of rice in soju production in the 1950s after Korea was liberated from Japan. People turned to alternative starch sources to produce soju as a result of this. The prohibition was lifted in the 1990s, but it is not uncommon to find soju produced from a starch other than rice.

Is Soju Stronger Than Vodka?

With 24% alcohol, soju is comparable to vodka, which is made from grains. It’s a Korean spin on vodka that’s traditionally created using rice but increasingly likely to be produced from sweet potatoes. Soju, a Korean form of vodka with 24 percent alcohol by volume (roughly the same as wine), has less punch than virtually all vodkas, which are between 35 and 50 percent alcohol by volume.

Can 2 Bottle of Soju Make You Drunk?

While there is some disagreement about how much soju it takes to get drunk, the general opinion is that you should stop after three bottles in one sitting. You’ll probably be struggling if you overdo it – not to mention getting a terrible headache!

Do You Sip or Shoot Soju?

Traditionally, soju is usually served from a bottle at the table. However, in the United States, it is illegal to serve distilled spirits from a bottle.

Restaurants are required by state liquor laws to provide distilled liquors like soju by the shot glass. It’s served from a bottle in Korean culture.

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