Splendid Spoon Vs. Thistle – My Honest Review

Preparing and cooking healthy meals is a challenging task, especially if you live with other members of your family. The task itself can take a few hours, including the preparation and cooking. That is why when you need a break, you can always choose between Splendid Spoon vs. Thistle, as they are healthy food delivery options.

Thistle and Splendid Spoon are subscription-based meal delivery services. You will find healthy gluten-free meals; that is why there is no right answer between these options. Instead, you can choose the one that suits your budget and preferences.

Here is what you need to know about Splendid Spoon vs. Thistle:

What Is Splendid Spoon?

The primary aim of Splendid Spoon is to offer you healthy meals by using high-quality ingredients in all the products. Because of this, you will find that Splendid Spoon only uses non-GMO ingredients. Besides that, Splendid Spoon also has smoothies in its meal subscriptions.

According to the food delivery service, 95% of their smoothies are organic. So, you will find healthy, fresh, and organic food when you subscribe to Splendid Spoon meals.

What Is Thistle?

Thistle is also a meal delivery service similar to Splendid Spoon. You can customize the meals for your plans while selecting options that suit all your needs. The primary aim of Thistle is to encourage healthy eating by eliminating using processed sugar.

Instead, Thistle uses fruits, dates, and juices to sweeten its meals so they can taste delicious. The service also uses various natural sweeteners and syrups on their salad dressings. They also add a minor quantity of unrefined sugar to some of their snacks.

The Pros And Cons Of Splendid Spoon

Now that you know what Splendid Spoon and Thistle are, here are the top advantages if you opt for Splendid Spoon:

  • The meals are healthy, which is why they can also aid your weight loss journey
  • They offer a vegan and vegetarian for people who only eat such food
  • All the meals are free of GMO, excessive sugar, preservatives, and many such ingredients
  • The meals are rich in various nutrients to become part of a healthy diet
  • The meals come ready to eat
  • It is the ideal solution for people who don’t have much time to prepare and cook their meals

Here are the top cons if you opt for Splendid Spoon:

  • The subscription is a little expensive
  • If you are on a specific diet, such as keto, you will have to find another service that also offers meat options

The Pros And Cons Of Thistle

Now that you know the pros and cons of Splendid Spoon, you must understand the same about Thistle. It will help you decide better about which service to choose. Here are the top pros of Thistle:

  • You can choose from one-time delivery or a week-long delivery
  • All the meals are free of dairy and gluten
  • You will find options for vegans and people who eat meat
  • There are versatile menu options that incorporate various cuisines
  • You can customize the menu and include all three meals for the entire day

Here are the top cons of Thistle if you decide to opt for it:

  • Thistle does not cater to people with allergic reactions to shellfish, soy, seafood, pork, and peanuts
  • Customers not in the local zone only have the option to choose a plan of six meals in a week

Can You Choose Your Meals At Splendid Spoon?

Yes, you have the option of choosing your meals at Splendid Spoon, as they offer different dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can use the dishes from these to create your own personalized menu. The best part is that you can choose from more than fifty dishes and smoothies every week.

Apart from that, you can also make changes to your profile to note flavors or ingredients that you would want to avoid in future orders. Splendid Spoon takes all your nutrition needs and preferences into account to offer you the best experience.

Can You Microwave Thistle Meals?

Most of the food that Thistle sends is ready to eat, such as their snacks and smoothies. However, there are some meals that you can also easily heat up. For example, you can transfer the meals to a microwave-safe dish to heat them up.

Besides that, you can also saute the meals in a plan by using a hint of olive oil in them. Once you do, your meal will be all warm and ready to eat in less than five minutes. Remember, it is always best to transfer the meals to a bowl safe for the microwave before you decide to heat them.

Splendid Spoon Vs. Thistle: Which One Is Better?

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between Splendid Spoon and Thistle. Both of them offer healthy and filling meals that will take off the burden of cooking and save your time. The decision depends on the budget you have and the meals you want in your diet.

That is why you must go through their meal plans and then select an option that suits you best. Once you do, you can enjoy the fantastic meals for a long time.