My Honest Review of Thistle

Thistle is a food delivery company that, for the time being, serves customers in California and parts of six other Western states.

They’ve also said they’re working on an expansion and adding a plant on the East Coast recently.

My Thistle food delivery review will go over the company, its meals’ ingredients, delivery possibilities, how to join up, pricing, and other topics in detail.

I’ll help you decide whether the Thistle menu is suitable for you.

Thistle Overview

Thistle was founded in 2014 by Ashwin Cheryian and Shiri Avnery, with the aim of providing nutritious, gratifying meals to everyone in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability is at the heart of Thistle’s corporate strategy. One of their primary objectives is to provide organic, regionally sourced food that is fast and fresh.

It’s not just about the food being organic. Thistle also takes a scientific approach to their strategy, combining vegetables in such a way that they provide optimum nutrients.

All of Thistle’s meals are dairy-free and prepared with in-house creams, butter, milk, and cheese produced from plants and nuts. This is one way to incorporate good fats into your diet that will benefit hormone and blood sugar levels.

Source: Thistle

How Does Thistle Work?

The Thistle meal delivery service creates, prepares, and delivers meals to both consumers and companies. Each week, Thistle dishes are created and updated. This makes them a one-of-a-kind alternative among similar businesses in the region.

You may change the meals on your plan at any time, as long as you notify them ahead of time.

You may easily stop or cancel your membership at any time. Additionally, shipping and delivery are both free of charge.

How Much Does Thistle Cost?

Thistle meals start at $11.50 per meal. A modest Thistle plan may be maintained for less than $42 each week using basic principles.

Vegan food is typically less expensive at Thistle. Someone who eats three vegan lunches every week delivered to their place would pay $44 per week. If you order just a few days of omnivore meals, it may cost upwards of $240.

Keep in mind that costs can vary based on your location, any special requests you’ve made, and menu modifications by Thistle.

Thistle Meal Plans

Thistle is a farm-to-table cafe that bills itself as “between a start-up and a farm-to-table joint.” They are food industry veterans freshens the menu weekly.

The greatest thing about Thistle meals is that they provide their weekly meal plans ahead of time. You may discover the details for each dish in the menu, including reviews, ingredients, meat versus vegan options, and a complete nutrition analysis, right now on their website.

What I find very good is unlike many businesses, Thistle is upfront about what you’re ingesting.

Source: Thistle

Are Thistle Meals Good for Weight Loss?

Thistle isn’t built to help you lose weight. Many individuals, though, find that Thistle’s meals assist them in eating properly and losing weight.

Don’t expect Thistle to be your nutritionist. That’s not what this service is about, after all. It is, however, your one-stop shop for nutritious meals that may help you achieve your weight loss or fitness objectives by sticking to a healthy and hearty diet.

Can You Freeze Thistle Meals?

Yes! According to Thistle, frozen dinners may be kept for three to four weeks. The firm adds that its frozen soups are perfect for freezer storage. Thistled also claims that its meals can be reheated.

Do You Have to Cook Thistle Meals?

Thistle provides fully prepared, ready-to-eat meals that do not need a kitchen. You may also warm up your Thistle meals if you desire them to be somewhat hotter.

Is Thistle Food Organic?

Many of the components in Thistle meals are naturally grown. While Thistle aims to be a completely organic firm, it is unable to do so at this time.

Thistle Pros and Cons


  • Most meals include meat alternatives.
  • With new food choices being added on a regular basis, the menu is always evolving.
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, and mostly organic meals are available.
  • Vegan meals are also available through Thistle.
  • All of the components in the meals are fully disclosed on the label.
  • Sustainable production methods (ingredients are obtained from local farmers)
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime 
  • Free shipping and delivery 


  • Only California and parts of Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, and Utah are eligible for shipping.
  • Some customers complained about unreliable delivery times and packaging.

What Do Customers Think Of Thistle?

Many customers adore Thistle. They are little and just starting to rise above the competition, when compared to national meal delivery services. Despite this, they have tens of thousands of 5-star reviews on a variety of websites.

They also have a 4/5 star average on Trustpilot, with 179 reviews. Customers were taken with the weekly menu additions and delicious taste, according to results.

Thistle has received 4.5 stars from both known and unknown clients on Yelp. On the other hand, customers have complained about the high costs of Thistle’s meals.

Plastic packing has been a source of irritation for some customers, as well as disagreements with the sustainability campaign and that the food is too expensive for basic ingredients.

Is Thistle Subscription Worth It?

Thistle is a wonderful alternative for people in California, and it may be an even better choice if you’re in Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, or Utah.

The main reason is that this Thistle meal delivery review discovered a lot of consumer comments about unusual meal delivery times and packaging concerns.

It appears to be a liability of Thistle’s delivery aspect, which should be one of their most compelling features. Even if they only offer fewer alternatives than other meal-kit services, having their meals packed makes them more tolerable.

On the up side, many subscribers praised the variety of foods and delectable tastes. If you’re willing to put up with delivery problems while Thistle matures, it’s worth a try.

What is Thistle’s Shipping Policy?

Because the delivery area for the Thistle is restricted to California, people who live outside of this state must make do with a meal delivery, which is available in 6 other states.


  • Customers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Sacramento, North Bay, Orange County, and Davis may now place their orders.
  • During Monday/ Thursday mornings or Sunday/ Wednesday evenings, you may select a delivery time for your meal.
  • Meals were either delivered to your place or handed to you personally.
  • There are 10 meal plans available
  • You can select and customize your meals to fit your preferences.
  • Your food will stay fresh since they keep it cold with ice packs.
  • The delivery is free


  • Customers in California and certain locations of Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, and Utah can get it.
  • You can’t pick when you’ll have food delivered, but meals will arrive on Monday or Thursday between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m.
  • Your weekly food delivery will arrive in a refrigerated box.
  • There are 4 meal boxes available
  • You can’t make any modifications to your box until after an order has been placed.
  • Free shipping

What is Thistle’s Return Policy?

Because the meals are perishable and it wouldn’t be safe or practical to do so, they can’t be reused. It’s not a deal-breaker since you have the option to cancel your membership at any time.

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