Are Sour Punch Bites Vegan? (Explained)

Sour candies are some of the most well-liked types of sweets in the world. They appeal to a wide range of palettes owing to their sour coating and sweet candy center.

This post will look at Sour Punch Bites to see if they are vegan.

Are Sour Punch Bites vegan?

It’s all dependent on how strict a vegan you are. Sour Punch Bites do not include gelatin or any other animal-based ingredients. However, some of the goods in them, such as sugar, may have been refined using animal parts, and the artificial colors may have been tested on animals.

Sour Punch Bites do not contain gelatin which would make them non-vegan. But there might be other ingredients of concern, depending on how strict of a vegan you might be. What are these other controversial ingredients?

Sour Punch Bites, Blue Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry Flavors, Soft & Chewy Candy, 9oz Bag (12 Pack)


The glycerin in Sour Punch Bites can be derived from either plants or animal fats. The plant-based version is most common, though.


Sugar may be produced from sugar beets or cane sugar. If the sugar is manufactured using cane sugar, it might sometimes require bone char to bleach the final product. Animal bones are used to make bone char, which is then used in various products (e.g., flatware, paper).

However, not all sugar is treated with bone char. If the sugar was produced using natural cane juice or raw, unrefined, or untreated ingredients, it has not used any bone char in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, when bone char is utilized in a production line, it does not appear in the final product; rather, it is employed during the cane sugar process.

In the United States, many firms outsource the sugar used in their products. This implies they have no means of tracking what type of sugar is utilized in each batch of their goods. Because to this, it’s tough to determine whether bone char was utilized in the making of Sour Punch Bites.

Artificial colors and flavors

Artificial colors and flavors are not derived from animal sources. However, they are usually tested on animals for safety. Rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and sometimes even dogs are used in these tests.

Because they are investigated for safety on animals, some stringent vegans avoid them.

How many calories are in Sour Punch Bites?

Each serving of Sour Punch Bites is only 120 calories and Sour Punch Bites candy is always low in fat and Halal & Kosher certified.

How much sugar is in Sour Punch Bites?

Per Serving (About 5 Serving per Pack) has 11 gram added sugar.

Are Sour Punch Mini Bites vegan?

Sour Punch Mini Bites are made with the same components as Sour Punch Bites, which means they are not vegan. However, they do contain a few elements that some vegans might be concerned about.

Sugar, which is made through burning bone char, as well as artificial colors and flavors that have been tested on animals are all included.

Are Sour Punch Straws vegan?

Yes. Making Sour Punch Straws is similar to the production of any other candy. Sour Punch Straws are sour sweets that look like bendy straws and are long. They’re a nice mix of sweet and sour, making the punch. These straws have a sticky texture but are soft, chewy, and fairly solid at the same time.

How are Sour Punch Straws made?

The American Licorice Company produces Sour Punch Straws, a candy variety. In the ’90s, it was one of the first businesses to introduce sour sweets to the market. Ropes, Bites, Shapes, and Twists are other variations, in addition to Sour Punch Straws.

The recipe is identical to other sour candies. It’s made of sugar, flour, corn syrup, and water that’s been blended in a big kettle. For less-restrictive vegans, it is vegan; however, strict vegans may disagree. Although there are no animal products listed.

The sour punch straws are prepared by combining all of the components together and stirring thoroughly. They heat one batch at 170 degrees for five minutes.

The candy then goes through an inclined belt and a cooling tunnel to chill the batch to 70 degrees once it has reached the required amount of moisture. The sweets are finished with their distinctive sweet and sour flavor. They’re then sliced into their usual dimensions and packed for delivery.

Sour Punch Bites: The Brand And The Company That Sells It

The first to introduce major sour sweets in the United States was Sour Punch Brand candy, which was also among the first to sell and promote them.

A new brand, Sour Punch, launched five distinct flavors of sweets with sour sugar as a coating. These are hollow candy straws that you can sip through the liquid.

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