7 Egg Substitutes for Cake Mix and How to Use Them

Boxed cake mixes are extremely useful. They’re quick to prepare, cook quickly, and result in a wonderful, fresh cake that will make anybody’s mouth water. And with a few small modifications, you can turn them into something truly one-of-a-kind and delectable.

Most cake mixes, however, require eggs to be mixed into the dough. But what if you don’t have any eggs on hand? Perhaps you’re vegan and want to avoid using eggs. Or maybe you’re searching for healthy ingredient alternatives.

Don’t panic! Even without the eggs, you may still produce great cakes with a box mix.

7 Egg Substitutes for Cake Mix 

Here are some wonderful options for replacing eggs in a cake mix.

1. Yogurt / Buttermilk

Replace one egg with a cup of yogurt or buttermilk. I always advocate using plain or greek yogurt since it won’t affect the flavor of your cake mix.

It’s very simple to make, but you have to wait an hour or longer in order for your mix to rise. Because yogurt and buttermilk are both water-rich alternatives, you’ll wind up with a cake that’s wetter than usual; as a result, you may want to bake your cakes for a few extra minutes.

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2. Flax/Chia

To make a flax egg, soak one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds in three tablespoons of any liquid for five to ten minutes. Use one tablespoon of ground chia seeds with two and a half tablespoons of water for a chia egg. Allow the mixture to reach a slimy egg-like consistency, then wait five minutes or longer.

This technique only works if you’re using ground seeds. You may grind them in a coffee grinder or simply buy flax/chia meal that has already been ground.

Flax and chia eggs have long been used in vegan cooking as a substitute for real eggs. The gel-like substance within the seeds is released when the seeds are ground and their shells removed. It’s a gooey slime that’s comparable to an egg and helps bind your cake together when mixed with water.

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3. Fruit/Vegetable Puree

This procedure requires you to use a little less than one quarter cup of puree for each egg in the recipe. Choose a fruit or vegetable with an identical water content as eggs, about 80%.

Applesauce, mashed bananas, and avocado are popular alternatives, but I reach for a can of pumpkin puree even more frequently because it is readily available and adds color and flavor to my cake.

However, if you’re using a banana cake mix, banana is ideal. Otherwise, the banana flavor might be too strong.

4. Aquafaba

Replace every egg in your recipe with 3 tablespoons of aquafaba. Aquafaba is the liquid that remains after cooked chickpeas or beans in general have been cooked. It might have a “beanie” smell when sniffed straight from the can, but it has a neutral flavor and barely shows up in your cake mix.

It’s another unexpected egg alternative since it includes carbohydrates and proteins, which cause it to foam up, bind, emulsify, and thicken just like eggs.

5. Baking Soda + Vinegar

Replace each egg in your recipe with one teaspoon baking soda and one tablespoon vinegar instead. This technique is fantastic for cakes that need a lot of lift and fluffiness. To get the greatest results, use distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

The combination of baking soda and vinegar will rapidly react and foam when they’re combined. When blended with your cake mix, the mixture has a subtle flavor that provides leavening to the cake.

6. Soft Tofu

Blend one quarter cup of silken tofu. I mentioned soft rather than firm tofu because, as you’ll discover, it has much less water. Firm tofu includes a lot of texture and less liquid; we don’t want a clumpy cake!

Water and protein, along with a little bit of fiber, make up the majority of soft tofu. It’s comparable to an egg in that it contains roughly 87-90% water with the rest being protein and fiber. Tofu’s protein works in the same way as eggs do in cakes: it gives structure.

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7. Water, Oil and Baking Powder

One teaspoon vegetable oil, two teaspoons baking powder, and two tablespoons water should be measured and combined.

To compensate for the water and fat in an egg, baking powder, water, and oil are combined. When combined with your cake mix, they have a very mild taste that won’t influence the way your cake tastes.

Baking powder and eggs work together in leavening cakes in baking. We will require additional assistance from the baking powder without eggs. Simply put, we’ll simply add more of it in this situation.

This article will reveal some of the most effective methods to replace eggs while baking a good batch of cornbread.

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