How Long Do Splendid Spoon Smoothies Last?

This is the place to learn about Splendid Spoon smoothies whether you’re just getting started with them or a seasoned enthusiast.

I been drinking their smoothies for about a year now and have never been disappointed. Their smoothies are made with fresh, organic ingredients and are designed to give your body maximum nutrition while also tasting delicious.

Keep on reading to learn more about how long their different smoothies last and why you should consider giving them a try if you haven’t already.

How Long Do Splendid Spoon Smoothies Last?

In general, most of their smoothies can last up to one week in the refrigerator and a month in the freezer.

You may keep drinking the aforementioned smoothies and juices, as well as wellness shots, after the “Enjoy By” date on the bottles; they will just not taste as fresh.

Splendid Spoon smoothies are High-Pressure Processed, which means that rather than being heated in a conventional manner, the bottles are pressurized at low temperatures to destroy potential germs and preserve the raw ingredients’ nutritional profile.

The Cold-Pressed Juices are produced using a hydraulic press, which relies on pressure to separate the fibrous parts of fruits, vegetables, seeds, or nuts from the plant’s juice or oil.

Cold-Press processing protects the juice from heat and oxygen during production, allowing it to maintain its excellent flavor and nutrition density. Their meal manufacturing processes keep our meals fresher for longer and get them to your door quickly.

Are Splendid Spoon’s Smoothies Healthy?

It’s no secret that Splendid Spoon Smoothies are healthy, since their nutrition facts plainly state that they do not contain added sugars, trans fats, high fat, excessive salt, or cholesterol.

Splendid Spoon’s Smoothies Pros and Cons


  • The fiber content is excellent, with 6 to 14 grams in each bottle of the flavors I selected and tried.
  • The amount of protein in smoothies is remarkable, with 8 to 14 g per bottle.
  • All of the Splendid Spoon smoothies are vegan, gluten-free, and sweetened only with whole foods. There is no use of extra sugar or sugar substitutes.
  • Plus, they’re loaded with nutrients that are essential for a plant-based diet, such as nut butter, seeds, fruit, and veggies.
  • They have low-calorie option for breakfast.
  • It is delicious but the sodium stays low.
  • Smoothies with this recipe have more vegetables and fruit than the average person gets in his or her daily breakfast. And someone else did all of the dirty work of washing, peeling, juicing, etc.
  • It was simple to go to Splendid Spoon’s website and pick my flavors for the week, and they emailed me reminders so I didn’t forget.
  • Smoothies are extremely convenient.
  • Splendid Spoon has a registered dietitian


  • They’re costly. A box of five smoothies costs $65, or $13 each. It’s logical because they’re using excellent ingredients, but it’s not something I can keep up over time.
  • I wish they didn’t rely so much on protein powder, which is more of a processed food than a whole food.
  • I only liked 5 of the 10 tastes, but I liked them enough to order again.

How Splendid Spoon Works?

Splendid Spoon is a subscription service, meaning you’ll pick a meal plan and that same delivery will keep coming at your desired time.

You may either pick a meal every week from a list of options or stick to the same foods. You can pick between four plans with five meals or as many as 20. The average cost per person is about $9.

After you’ve chosen your plan, you’ll choose your meals, which include smoothies, grain bowls, soups, and noodle dishes based on the services offered. Each week, meals are delivered to you at room temperature — not frozen. You must place your order by 1 pm PT on Thursday for Wednesday deliveries. The deadline for Friday deliveries is Sunday noon. Splendid Spoon currently only delivers to the United States.

If you don’t want a recurring subscription, On-Demand boxes are available, which can be used as one-time purchases. Choose from a variety of combinations, including smoothies and soups alone, or wellness shots and mixed boxes with everything included. The On-Demand meals are generally more expensive per dish but there is no obligation whatsoever.

Who Is Splendid Spoon Not Good For?

The Splendid Spoon smoothies may appear to be a step down if you have a perfected smoothie regimen. Sure, you’ll try new recipes and interesting taste pairings, but they’re more like beverages in terms of texture.

Since the food is entirely vegan, it’s not a great option for people who like meat for breakfast or lunch or other heavy protein meals such as eggs. Since many of the smoothies include fruit , and the bowls have grains, beans, and noodles, this isn’t an appropriate meal service for someone on keto.

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