Pink Foods: 13 Must Try Food That Are Pink

Many people are obsessed with throwing color-themed parties nowadays. When it comes to such parties, bright, colorful food like pink is an incredibly popular option to add to your menu.

When it comes to deciding what food to serve the guests, sumptuous colorful food usually comes into our mind.

There are many pink foods that you can add to your menu. Aside from adding color to your dish, they are delicious and healthy.

13 Pink Foods You Can Enjoy

So, let’s take a look at some of the most scrumptious pink food that can brighten your dish.

1.Dragon Fruit 

Also known as Pitaya, Dragon fruit primarily grows in Southeast Asia, Central and South America. This large and round fruit is the fruit of a cactus tree.

It has a thick skin with tiny black seeds inside. Dragon fruit’s  flesh is deep pink in color and has a light sweet flavor.  

Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants that fights against carcinogens. 

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2.Cripps Pink Apple

Pink Lady or Queen of Apples as you might call them, this variety of apple has a pink blush colored skin. It’s a healthy addition to your menu because it is high in vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and iron.


This tropical fruit has juicy flesh and a sweet taste. This fruit is a relative of watermelon and is four times higher in vitamin C than oranges.

Also, it contains high levels of lycopene and it has high fiber as well as a low glycemic index, which helps regulate blood sugar.


Beets are known around the world.  While others call them beetroot, table beet, golden beet, garden beet, others call them red beet or dinner beet. 

This pink veggie is a good addition to your food since it is packed with vitamins and nutrients. The pink color of its skin comes from betacyanin, an antioxidant that can protect you against common carcinogens.


Ham is produced all around the world and is a popular addition to sandwiches. Aside from being delicious, ham is low in saturated fat,has a high level of protein and iron, making it a great addition to your menu.

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6.Grapefruit juice

Pink grapefruit juice is a good addition to your diet and to your menu. It is low in calories and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, regular consumption of this refreshing pink juice can improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

7.Highland Burgundy Red Potato 

This type of potato has a marbled pink color because of its anthocyanin which gives it anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Highland burgundy red potato is a healthy food choice because it has a good amount of vitamin C. 

8.Lilly Pilly Berries 

Lilly Pilly berries are normally found in South-East Asia and Australia. These tiny berries grow on trees in clusters and have shiny pink skin. 

This type of berry doesn’t taste good when eaten fresh because it has a slightly tart taste. That’s why Lilly Pilly berries are normally mixed with other ingredients.

Lilly Pilly berries are known for their healthy properties. It is high in vitamin C, antioxidants, anthocyanins and folate.

9.Mountain Apple 

Also known as Malay apples, mountain apples are native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. This bell shaped fruit is a good source of vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants. The calorie content of mountain apples is lower compared to natural apples.

10.Himalayan Salt

This pink colored salt that is mined from the mountains of Pakistan and is often used for cooking. Many people also used this for garnishing because of its attractive pink color.

This type of salt contains minerals such as sulfate, calcium, chromium, iron, zinc and magnesium. These minerals are the reason why this salt has a pink hue.

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11.Pink Banana Squash 

Banana squash is cylindrical with a slight curve and can reach up to 48” in length. The weight can be as heavy as 70 pounds.

Pink banana squash is high in fiber and packed with vitamins, minerals like vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, iron.


Lychees’ flesh is white while their skin is pinkish and they native to China and Southeast Asia. This small tropical fruit is a good source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

People normally add lychee to the desserts because of its flowery flavor that is refreshing and mild.

13.Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

Ornamental cabbage and kale belong to the Brassica oleracea family. They have a bitter taste compared to common varieties but they make attractive additions to your vegetable salad because of their beautiful color.

What Makes Foods Pink?

Anthocyanins and betalains are natural compounds that create pink color to food. 

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