Splendid Spoon vs Hungryroot: Which Meal Delivery Is The Best?

In this comparison, we’ll look at two firms that provide plant-based meals to their clients. Splendid Spoon and Hungryroot are the names of these businesses.

The Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery company that offers complete vegan meals. Hungryroot is more of a meal kit service, delivering 100 percent plant-based ingredients such as pasta, sauces, and proteins to make fast and simple dishes.

Splendid Spoon vs Hungryroot: Which One Is Best for You?

I came across two services that make it easier to eat healthful meals: Splendid Spoon and Hungryroot, both of which aim to assist individuals live healthier without the burden!

Splendid Spoon Overview

Splendid Spoon was founded with the goal of assisting customers in feeling good about themselves by assisting them in eating well. Their cuisine is more focused on breakfast and lunch items but it can also be used for supper.

The Splendid Spoon’s breakfast smoothies, soup and grain bowls, five soups that are ideal for a one-day reset, and wellness shots are all available. All ready-to-eat dishes include plant-based, gluten-free and GMO-free ingredients.

Splendid Spoon Price

Different packages are available from Splendid Spoon, depending on your needs. Their all-time favorite package, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and reset day for just $8.25 per meal.

Benefits of Choosing Splendid Spoon

You can mix and match different goods from the three available plans after receiving your first order as a Splendid Spoon customer. Three distinct programs are offered by Splendid Spoon to help individuals keep to a regular breakfast and lunch schedule.

I need to emphasize that Splendid Spoon caters more to breakfasts and lunches. However, I discovered that their grain and soup bowls were filling and pleasant, making them ideal for an evening meal.

I think that the Splendid Spoon is always busy developing new taste options and meal alternatives for the restaurant. In fact, you may now choose from 14 smoothies, 27 grain and soup bowls, five reset soups, and a wellness shot from them.

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Hungryroot Overview

The Hungryroot food delivery service provides a variety of ingredients and goods to help you build a variety of delectable meal choices. Pasta, sauces, proteins, and desserts are all available on the Hungry Root menu. Hungryroot has meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that can all be prepared in less than ten minutes (which is really awesome).

Source: Hungryroot

Hungryroot Price

The cost of a weekly meal plan with Hungryroot ranges from $59 for six servings, depending on your food preferences. Vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, gluten-free, and other options are available.

Benefits of Choosing Hungryroot 

Hungryroot has a large selection of food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks. Their meals may be prepared in ten minutes or less by combining their selections.

The official website of Hungryroot promotes that their meals are high in good fats, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. Their cuisine is devoid of preservatives and processed sugars. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free alternatives are available on the menu.

Unfortunately, as a Hungryroot’s client, it is difficult to determine the range of menu options accessible. I was unable to access future menus or even obtain a complete menu for analysis.

This did irritate me somewhat, considering that we think that a prospective customer should be able to see the current and planned menus in order to assess if the this is what we need.

Source: Hungryroot

Splendid Spoon vs Hungryroot : Which is Best?

I’ve found that Hungryroot is an excellent alternative for everyone looking for fast, simple, and nutritious meals without having to worry about much. It’s more expensive to purchase the ingredients from them than to buy in bulk.

Also, you’ll still need to spend time getting your food shopping done. Plus, you’ll still have to cook and serve the foods.

The Splendid Spoon, on the other hand, provides you with healthy, ready-to-eat meals to your home. All you have to do is warm and eat it; if you prefer your food cold, that’s fine.

They provide meals that are also convenient to take to work! I adore how all of their dishes, as well as their smoothies and bowls, are plant-based with sustainable packaging, which is good for the environment – not to mention how delicious they are.

As for the delivery, my Splendid Spoon delivery arrived in a completely recyclable and insulating box with enough ice to keep my fully-prepared food at the proper temperature. The names of the meals, heating instructions, and nutritional information are all included on the branded wrapper that contains everything I need for each meal. I believe that the Splendid Spoon delivery was really organized.

The HungryRoot meal kit, on the other hand, came in a completely recyclable and insulated container with a non-toxic gel pack to maintain everything at the intended temperature. The individual components were labeled, but they weren’t organized into meals. As a result, some sorting was required during the unloading procedure.

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