How To Cook Frozen Mussels?

If you want to learn how to cook and prepare frozen mussels, you can opt for steaming them inside their shell for at least four minutes. Remember to use heat these mussels on medium with an olive oil tablespoon, garlic, and some butter. After that, decrease the heat while letting the mussels simmer for several … Read more

Can You Eat Gingerbread Houses?  

Gingerbread houses are a very traditional part of cold weather celebrations. It signifies the beginning of the winter and the beginning of fun activities during the cold season. There may be lots of times you’ve seen gingerbread houses on display and wondered whether you can eat it or not. Can you eat gingerbread houses?   Yes, … Read more

Can You Eat Cabbage Raw?

Cabbage is delicious and healthy. It can be added to a wide variety of dishes like slaws, stews, salads and soups. Aside from being healthy, this veggie can even be fermented.  Moreover, this versatile veggie is affordable. Cabbage grows in places with the temperature between 45° and 75°F.  It takes about 70 days for them … Read more

Do Ramen Noodles Expire or Go Bad?

Aside from being delicious, ramen noodles are one of the best survival meals. High in carbohydrates and you can eat them right out of the package. These noodles are inexpensive, don’t require refrigeration and have a long shelf life. While ramen noodles have a long shelf life, they do expire, just like any other processed … Read more

How Long to Cook a Turkey in an Oster Roaster?

I’ve cooked many turkeys on Thanksgiving and throughout the rest of the year. The issue with Thanksgiving is that if you’re preparing the meal, you’ll probably have to do a lot of roasting.  Make your holiday meal even more delicious and easier with this roast turkey recipe cooked in an Oster roaster . Let’s talk … Read more

Does Kraft Mac and Cheese Expire or Go Bad?

Who doesn’t have a box or two of Kraft mac and cheese on hand? It’s one of the most widely consumed meals in the United States, and we’re all guilty of treating ourselves to a portion at odd hours. These ready-to-eat pouches are simply another way for busy people to spoil themselves. Simply heat in … Read more

Egg Substitute for Cornbread (Must Try)

Do you have any eggs on-hand but not enough for your cornbread recipe? Don’t be alarmed. Although eggs are essential to cornbread, you may make a successful cornbread with a suitable alternative such as applesauce, yogurt, flaxseed and other ingredients. There are several egg alternatives for making cornbread if you’re out of eggs or just … Read more

What to do When Accidentally Ate Moldy Bread

You might be enjoying your bread and then suddenly bite into a patch of mold. End up realizing that your food has disgusting substance in it. Well, no need to panic or go to a hospital. Consuming a little bit of moldy food likely isn’t going to harm you. However, in some cases, the mold … Read more